Making a Binaural Beat in Pro Tools Using the Signal Generator

Here’s what you do:

  1. Create two Mono Audio Tracks.
  2. Pan them hard left and hard right.
  3. Make a selection on the first track on the timeline before launching Signal Generator. You can choose how long you want the Signal to be.
  4. Go to AudioSuite > Other > Signal Generator
  5. In the Signal Generator, choose the Frequency, which in this example is 150 Hz. Then set the desired level and the type of signal or waveform. Sine waves work best because they are very smooth and easy to listen to. Feel free to experiment with the others as well but keep in mind that if you are listening to a continuous tone for several minutes, it should not be irritating in the slightest way. Then hit ‘Process’ and the waveform will appear within the timeline selection.

Repeat Step 5 again on the second audio track. This time, I set the Frequency to 156 Hz, so that the difference between the two signals is 6 Hz, our desired Theta frequency. Keep the level and waveform the same.
Listen to the example I’ve provided with headphones on to hear the result. 

Pic. 3 – Final Binaural Beat in ProTools.

When I zoom in the waveform, pictured below, you can see that the sine waves are slightly offset from each other, creating the continuous pulsating sound that you are hearing. Your brain is processing this information and entraining to the 6 Hz frequency, signaling your brain to drop into the Theta state. 

Pic 4. – Close-up Of Waveforms in ProTools.

Listening to a Binaural beat is an excellent way to help ease into a meditation session or calm down after a long stressful day. If you are interested in making meditative music for yourself or others, try layering in nature sounds or drones. The Binaural Beat will still be effective, even if you layer music or nature ambience in with it. You can hear what other composers are doing by listening to examples of other meditative music releases that incorporate Binaural Beats. Sounds True is great resource for this new sonic medicine.